Kill Your Love

by Eric Campbell & The Dirt

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released August 21, 2013

The Dirt is a band that spumes and kicks and is loosely powerful and powerfully loose. We try to climax rocknroll.
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Video Evidence:
Rose Inn Motel (Official Video)
For The Love of Ivy (Gun Club Cover) Live at the Wunderbar, Edmonton


Recorded by Hayz Fisher
Mixed by Hayz Fisher and Eric Campbell
Mastered by Matt Camirand
Photography Taylor Ferguson
Artwork Mikaela Kautzky





all rights reserved


Eric Campbell & The Dirt Vancouver, British Columbia

The Dirt is a band that spumes and kicks and is powerfully loose and loosely powerful. Glam, Psych, Vintage Punk, Dirty Blues.

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Track Name: Kill Your Love
~Kill Your Love~

Come back home & plead your case
And know with each breath each word is a waste
Cuz ever since I caught yah girl, I’ve wanted to do one thing…

Your little child’s eyes, they sink & they scold
& they kick up the dust in my CASKET OF GOLD
And ever since you betrayed me gal, I’ve wanted to do one thing..

Ah shoulda known, when you never wanted to please me
You said a little freedom, might just make it easy
But here ah am agin, stickin KNIVES in my PRAYERS…

Now ah see her on the walls, night after night
It’s the price that I’ll play, for killing mah little Paradise
But ah swear Lord I loved her, as I let that smoke…RISE!!

God, Watch Me, Kill Her Love
Woman, Get Ready, for my God Above
God, Watch Me, Kill Her Love
Just One Bullet, from my Cold, cold gun.
Track Name: Down At The Bottom
~Down At The Bottom~

I know that feeling, I know that tune
I know your reeling; All the Saints are reeling too
So let’s take a walk, and like thieves we’ll meet…
Down at the Bottom

You come on so big, you come on so tall
But I know just how, I’m gonna slide behind those walls
So follow me down, and like thieves we’ll meet…
Down at the Bottom

It’s your voice that serves you so well
But do you find your words before you even tell?

You come when you’re feeling good
But your honey child is like a Ghost
I've never been so in love, and so damn alone

The rains at the window; the blues in your eyes
And we’re down at the bottom…

The Bottom of Love.
Track Name: Who Stabbed John?
~Who Stabbed John?~
Inspired by Gene Vincent's "Who Slapped John?"

Who, who, who stabbed John?
everyone was bopping to the dance bands song
when something went wrong
Who stabbed John, mama when the lights went low?

one guy said “Hey man, she’s my girl”
one guy said “Hey man, she’s my girl”
From the shadows came John, and they all turned around
said “sit down gentleman, this is my town”
and he walked up to Rosie,

and they began to bop

Bop in the shadows, bop in the heat
bop like lovers who’d never left their feet
Night grew cold when someone pulled a knife
Everyone was bopping to save their life
who pulled the knife mama when the lights went low?

one girl screamed “he’s been stabbed in da guts!”
one girl got on her knees and started praying to god!
Rosie-Lee fainted and fell to the floor
All the kids looked so sick as they headed for the doors
John was dead on the ground, Rosie was soaked in da blood…

blood of the hero, stainin the floor
red and then black and then red some more
coulda been jane with something in her jeans
Or the man in the hat who nobody had ever seen
he smiled and his teeth were made of gold…

Dirty Sammy spat, Rosie awoke
saw the boys and knew she wasn't long to go…
who stabbed John, mama when the light’s went low…
Track Name: Devil's Easy
~Devil's Easy~

She was standing at the station
Some money in her hands
she was on her way back home, a little too frail to stand

said "the Devil's Easy, easier than pain"
So the train took you under, but your Heart was in the right place

O don't you leave me,
O don't you go
I'm sorry for your troubles, forgive me for my woe

The Devil's Easy, easier than grace
I know the room was spinning, but your heart was in the right place

O Sweet Angel, you loved me all your life
And the birds have all flown over now, who knew,
Those shadows were your light

O don't you haunt me child
but hold me if I cry
First I lost the reason, then the chance to say goodbye
but the Devil made it easy,
to fall from your Grace
And a motel sun was coming up, and my heart was out of place

Said the Devil's Easy, Easier than Pain,
And I know the trains long gone now...
but your Soul's in the right place
but your Soul's in the right place
Your soul's in the right place
Track Name: Grave Me
~Grave Me~

one pill for sleep, one pill for SORROW
ah need a pill to cure my tomorrows
but I won’t have it no more, the HANGMANS drugs
the DEATH-TRAIN of MERCY has started to chug

I thought of our love, I came out owing
the blood in the moon, it started flowing
I went to your Cabin, it started snowing
I looked in your Window, a Blizzard was blowing

Ah feel so LOW, when cold weather grips
wishing the shackles would get wet & slip
Sorrow the Bitch has started to Cave Me
The Digger at Dawn has started to Grave Me

people get lost in dreams that’s their great flaw
Reality’s Blade will soon wound us all
any vision of beauty can snap like straw
but mah heart babe was ready for your Claws

Now there’s so much BLOOD, on the Cabin walls
And your nails ain’t even dull yet…
Hey Put that thing away!! Untie them CHAINS!!
Your RANCOR & MALICE has washed the face off the name

Ah feel so weak, I’ve started to yearn
wishing the shackles would melt and burn
Sorrow’s my bitch, we fuck in a cave
We’re two lover’s at Dawn, above mah Grave
We stand in Love, Above my Grave
We stand in Love, Above my GRAVE.
Track Name: Turnin Blue
† Turnin Blue †

We were high on the 22nd floor, you were there lookin down
well I've been up before, and I'll tell you it ain't nice, tasting the ground

We ran around, fought the law, drove that car when I could not even walk

It's all in those eyes, the Evil that's inside
the prison of Dead-Men just poison in your curls
So you took some things, till you were loaded like a Gun
and I became just, some other girl

slapped you once, slapped you again, you drove me outside
with knives at mah back...

So lets go up, right to the top, but don't you be lookin down..
cuz i'll trip you up and toss you right off the edge
but you won't even taste the ground

black leather pants, black lips on your back, your back of bones and gold
ill fuck you once, and never again, if only you would come home

She was Turnin Blue
On the Screen,
Down by the Sea
In the backseat,

Now you got me Turnin Blue for you..
Track Name: For The Love Of Ivy
† Written by Jeffrey Lee Pierce & Kid Congo Powers ie. The Gun Club †

You were all dressed up like Elvis from Hell
and my heart is broken so I'm going to Hell
bury me way down DEEP in HELL
I'm a steal-driving man I wanna go to hell!

Then I'll go tell Ivy
For the Love of Ivy
Lets go get Ivy ah well,
She's the one...

I'm gonna buy me a Graveyard of my own,
And kill anyone whose ever done me wrong
I'm gonna buy me a Gun long as my arm
And Kill anyone whose ever done me harm!

Then I'll go get Ivy
Ah feel allright!!!

Well Jawbone eat and Jawbone talk
Jawbone eatcha wid a knife & fawk
Ah was huntin for Niggers down in da dark
When all of a sudden I had a better thought!

Let's go hunt Ivy! well well,
For the Love of Ivy, yes yes,
I wanna go get IVY, ah well,
She's the one...
Cum to me Ivy, cum to me Ivy, cum to me Ivy, cum to me ivy,
cum to me ivy cum to me ivy, BLOOOWWWWWWWWWW

Ah was all dressed up like Elvis from
Track Name: Ropes & Chains
~Ropes & Chains~

Ain’t that honey, dripping from your mouth
Ever since that cruel ol’ sun set in the south
And I prayed all night but my God only came
when his believers were Deep in Pain

Locked in Ropes & Chains

the sound is low mama, in our tow
when the water gets high, that’s when we go
Goin down to that Sweet-Muddy-Water
with our Sorrow once again

Round mah neck are Ropes
Round mah feet are Dogs
Round mah neck are Ropes
and around mah Soul are Chains

we were born in the DUST, trapped in shacks
when lightning cracked, so WHITE on BLACk
Like a WHIP mama, lightnin’ lashes through the rain
I see it in mah window pane…

Round mah neck are Ropes
Round mah feet are Dogs
Round mah neck are Ropes
and around mah Soul are Chains

The hammers have spoken, the children have awoken
To crack through them chains
But swingin’ the hammer down are the hands that you found
Walkin’ through the Valley in Ropes & Chains